Ever ordered chicks from MyPetChicken? (split order of cochins too!)


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
Hey all!

Just wondering if anyone has ordered chicks from mypetchicken....i havent heard anything about them, and i really want some easter eggers and blue cochins.....
So, i guess i just need reviews!

If i do order some chicks, would anyone consider splitting an order of 8 blue cochins (females) with me?

I'm to far away to order with you, but I can tell you that mpc is great. All my chicks arrived alive and healthy. No trouble ordering, very friendly.
I just placed an order with MPC yesterday!! This will be my first actual online purchase!! I am so excited. I ordered 5 EE's and 3 Buff Orphingtons. I cant wait till they come!
I got my order Sept. 10th. My EEs are great, I ordered 2 and they send two different colors which I really appreciate:


They have great personalities. The light one is a mama's girl and loves to snuggle!

I also got a red cochin. I think she's a little younger than the others, or maybe they develop a little slower:

Overall the experience was good. The only thing I wish was different is that I wish they would send their birthdays...or is it hatchdays?
This year was our first time ordering from MPC, since they could safely send a smaller batch. They were terrific - very reliable. Our chicks arrived the day after they were shipped (as for their birthday: they were shipped the day after hatching) and all were VERY healthy and perky......did nothing but eat, eat, eat! (Well, I guess they did "do" something else soon afterwards...
We ordered 8 from MPC, recieved them in July. Everything was great! Everyone was happy and healthy.
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Ditto. 6 chicks, 6 weeks ago. And they also sent me 2 different colored EE's. Hatched Monday, arrived 8AM Wednesday morning, everyone healthy and happy, and they still are. I would definitely recommend MPC.

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