Ever so slightly damp chicken feed


6 Years
Mar 11, 2017
So basically in my area a thunderstorm has started up with a bit of rain.
Our chickens were outside in a pen when it began to rain and the feed became a bit dampish. Now they're in their coop eating the feed. Will my chooks be fine?
There are quit a few of us that purposely feed out chickens wet feed, we ferment it.
As long as it just "got" wet it should be fine.
If it's been sitting for day mold could start growing and that would not be good.
When not feeding fermented, I purposely fed the daily ration wet. I had a feeder with dry as back up in the coop. They always prefer wet and it cant hurt with hydration. Plus wet food, about the consistency of cooked oatmeal is harder to spill and waste.
Depends on how much feed it is. If it's one of the big feeders that will hold a weeks worth of feed, it could easily get moldy. that could be toxic. if it's a day's worth of feed, it should be ok. If it's more, you might want to wet it to an oatmeal consistency and ferment it. You can read the how and why of FF by reading Tikki Jane's article in my signature.
I ferment feed for my adults, but I've been giving my week old chicks moist medicated chick starter. They prefer it over the dry version of the same feed.

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