Everyone agrees with that?


11 Years
Aug 20, 2011

I do not see a Charcoal Black Shoulder White-Eyed cock.
On the last pic it's a spalding white eyes.
The wing is barred stained by spalding marks. A spalding so low level it's not very interesting ... besides I wonder how it was obtained ... at least not with a Pavo Muticus!

I think we will never get a true black wing (BS) if in the genome there is 1 white gene! (white split, split pied, dark pied, dark silver pied, split 'silver pied' ... split white eyes).
The same phenomenon as with the blue color black shoulder pattern ...
Only a white gene and the wing can not be BLACK shoulder ... it will be gray!
Here with Charcoal grey/brown.

Hence it is important to keep Charcoal bird lines away from white genes ... especially from the silver pied pattern; It's genes are able to pollute generations of peacocks ...
It can be too late!
male nigri panaché yeux blcs x femelles panachées 2.jpg

Example ....
Blue pied black shoulder ... why it's impossible to have a wing 'green' and white .... there is always this gray ...!
.... gray brown at Charcoal!
For example this peacock (which is very beautiful) is for me a Dark silver pied. (All that approaches 'silver pied' are + or - white eyed). This peacock will never be all black (it is BS) because of one white gene brought by its cognate with silver pied.
The top of the wing is faded or made up of gray.


Charcoal black shoulder is that ... when there is no white gene!
I am looking for a pic of Charcoal BS split white to confirm my hypothesis ...

charcoal BS.jpg
bronze black shoulder.jpg

Does a peacock Bronze black shoulder split white have completely brown wings?
Does a peacock Charcoal black shoulder split white have completely brown / black wings?

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