Everything Look OK to ya'll?


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Jun 23, 2009
Went to the hardware store today and they had a special on 2 week old chicks. hadn't thought about getting any until I saw them. So I had to make my first brooder in an afternoon. Does it all look okay? The chicks seem to be doing fine aside from some panting every once in a while. The temps range from 100 to 75 depending on where they are. The brooder is set up out in the garage.




I was concerned about that too, but the temp reads 75 off to the side. won't they find a comfortable spot? sometimes one will be right under the lights and then move to where it is cooler. we are having 30 degree weather at night with frost in the am. so with them being in the garage i was concerned about it being too cold for them.
I would remove one lamp and put a hardware cloth cover over the top. This is about the time they start trying out their wings. One might get out and get chilled. Good luck!
Thanks warden, i have something I was planning to put over it in the morning. just ran out of time. hopefully they wont go anywhere tonight.

How are you suppose to judge the temp. i have a digital and a regular and both read about the same. right under the lights is about 90 to 100 but on the outskirts it goes all the way down to 75. Won't the chicks find a comfortable place?
Thank you -- I secured them with chains too. All I could think about was fire or burnt babies. i would love to do a hatch someday, but 2 week olds, freak me out I can't imagine what hatching would do to me.
One bulb is plenty in that size tub. Panting is not good. Thermometers are not as good of a judge as watching the chicks. If they get cold they will pile under the one light and then move away to stay comfotable. Two lights may be heating the entire tub too much. Ihave just been there and done that. I took the thermometer out and just watched the chickens to figure I needed to raise the heat lamp. It said 90 to 95 and not one of the chicks were any where near the light. raised it more and the temp read 85, made a big difference in the way the chicks were sleeping and chirping. they were much happier and content.

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