Everything perfect. Bad hatch. What happened?


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Mar 8, 2009
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Alright so the last few hatchs have been terrible!

First was 1/30. I found out it was because my humidity was way too high. Okay

Second 3/30, I was on vacation and my mom opened the bator in the last three days, and it killed them. Okay

Third 7/34. Better but still a terrible hatch rate. This is the one I am stumped on. The temps stayed steady at 102, humidity at 45% first 18 days. Then I got it at 60-65% last three days, when they began hatching it rose to 77% then back down quickly.

But still, why did I get such a bad hatch!? Everything went so smoothly, I am disappointed that even with everything perfect they still didn't make it. gr

The last two hatches an eggs has pipped then died, and yolk leaked out of the pip hole.

I have a older hova bator, still air.
Oh and my chicks always hatch around 1-2 days early....

I'm trying to come up with all the information I can to help people inform me at what I am doing wrong.
Are you sure your thermometer is right? If the ones that are hatching are a couple of days early that would indicate your temps are too high. Also I keep my humidity about 30% the first 18 days.
Yeah. It is actually .7 too high. So I keep it at around 102.3-5 which would actually be 101.6-8.

I do know that since they started hatching it fell down to about 100-101.

I have always wondered about the humidity. Be from all the different peoples opinions. I picked 45% cause it was in the middle.

Perhaps I will try 30-35%?
Sounds like your temp is too high. I thought it should be at 99 - 100. I read that early hatching is from too high temps.

But I am no expert!!! My last hatch which was also my first was not good at all.
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That is for forced air incubators. For still air it's 101-102.

I guess I will start again and try:

30-35% humidity. And 101 degrees.

Any other suggestions? I would really like to get better hatches.
I would still go down to 99 - 100. I have read that about the different bators as well... but the signs are pointing to a lower temp needed.

Also... where did you get the eggs? shipped? same place?

I think that you should not give up hope. Just keep trying different things.

I have 3 bators:

LG still

LG forced with added fan


My still air gave the worst hatch. But that was because the temp varied so much up and down.

Did your temp vary at all?

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