Evils of TSC


11 Years
May 21, 2008
Woodlawn, VA
So, I went there to buy dog food and chicken chow and the chicks came in and I wasn't planning to get any until I ordered some sexed pullets after Easter so my holiday houseguest wouldn't have to sleep with the chickens but.........
Allegedly the chipmunk babies are EE and the other two are supposed to be either NHR or RSL but I'm not sure. Basically they were an excuse to buy the Khaki Campbells because I had already planned for different breeds after the holidays and in VA you can't buy less than 6 at a time. Any thoughts on whether the breed guesses are correct? Doesn't really matter as they're already very much loved but I'm curious nonetheless.

I guess I'll just tell my guest the heat lamp is a nightlight......
Good plan- seeing as how guests, fish and chicks start to stink after three days............

I had a mallard hen about 15 years ago who was nothing but a total pet (think sitting in your lap on the patio and helping you mow the lawn). I couldn't resist. I don't have a pond but they will have a rain-barrel supplied stock tank and can forage in the orchard and goat pasture when they're not locked up for the night. Of course there will be a chair in the pasture so I can join them........ I've been interested in the Khakis for a while- thinking of getting into Heritage breeds to help preserve them (oops- I guess I've already started!) If they repel guests that might not be so bad either LOL
What cuties....my feed store is an evil place too, lol. I tell them that every time I walk in the door. All they say back is "we love you chicken lady"....

I'm wondering when I will break down and just HAVE to get ducklings? I'm thinking it won't be long....I do have a plastic kiddy pool hiding somewhere
Our TSC got ducklings and chicks in on two seperate days....ducks one day and chicks the next! They knew that I would just *have* to get the only two khaki campbell ducklings that was in the batch, so they knew that I would also buy extras just to make up the 6! Ended up getting 2 khaki campbells and 4 pekins the first day, and 12 chicks the next. I'm getting plenty of mallard ducklings from my mallards, so I really don't need any more mallards, but I did find someone who is willing to sell me some muscovy eggs! YIPEE!

So, I agree, TSC is evil! Cuteness overload!

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