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7 Years
Nov 17, 2012
Hello Wise Chicken People.
We have an Americauna who is 1.5yrs old and has been a faithful, consistent layer for almost a year now. Well, we went on vacation the end of July and the girls seemed to slow down production a bit but got back on track within a couple of weeks. Then Willow and one of her Orpington sisters decided they need to jump, or "fly" up and over the fence regularly so we clipped wings. Didn't think too much about it but it seemed that at about the same time, egg laying for all three girls got sporadic and as of over a week ago, Willow has not laid any eggs at all. The other two seem fine.
I have noticed she seems to 'rest' often while her sisters are still busy.
I have noticed she seems more 'skittish' (doesn't squat for some petting) and at the same time docile-allowing herself to be occasionally picked on (not often seen) by the other two. Doesn't run to me.
Two days ago I noticed several little white spots on her comb
Today I came out in the morning to feathers all over the place.
I am alone until Thursday so having some trouble holding her and checking her vent but it appears 'closed'
The feathers just fall from her it seems...is that molting, bugs or part of something bigger?
She is also more tentative in eating-gave her greek yogurt with a little olive oil in case she was impacted. Usually pretty quick to grab all the goodies she can-
---cautious but did eat.
Other than that, I cannot recall at this point. Do you have any ideas for me?
Thank you.
golly, I hope that is all it is. I'm new to this. Will she have visible balding or do new feathers grow back quickly? Thank you.
some hens drop a few feathers at a time. Others blow almost all of their feathers at once and run around looking like two legged hedgehogs. To call such birds unsightly is an euphemism.

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