Exactly as it happened - my dream featuring speckledhen

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Apparently Speckledhen lives right down the road from me. I went to visit her, but she was sick and had a house full of sick teenagers as well. She had a sign on her door that said "come on in". I did. On her kitchen counter I found a long note that SH had written for the different BYC members that were having chicken problems/questions - cetawin, Maxx, myself and others. I read down the list until I found my name and the instructions written for me.
    My Lil' Bit (runt chicken) was in a pen fashioned out of SH's bay window. I picked Lil' Bit up, hugged her and realized how much I had missed her.
    About that time Speckled came walking into the kitchen and I told her that I wanted to take Lil' Bit home for awhile. She agreed.
    One of the teenage boys that was there made a comment about my big rearend so I got all huffy, grabbed my chicken and left.
    As I was walking down the street I saw a bunch of cop cars gathered around a house. I saw several officers I knew. Then my DH came walking out of the house they had raided. He was wearing plain clothes and wearing a woman's wool jacket that was much too small for him.
    He told me that he couldn't talk long, because he had to go find the perfect vehicle to be his undercover car. He mentioned that one of the other officers had found a bread truck to use as his and DH was hoping to find something equally special.
    Then DH told me that the house they just raided would be perfect for us to rent, as soon as they cleaned up from the drug operation that had been going on inside. He told me to go look around inside the house, so I did.
    In the living room I found many small cages housing lots of chickens, in pairs. About that time one of the officers hollered "catch that chicken" and this tiny little chicken (looked like a sultan) came running towards me.
    I grabbed it, picked it up and held it for awhile. It started coo-ing.
    I sat the chicken down after awhile and it ran to the corner, where there were three litter boxes, I noticed for the first time.
    The chicken used the litter box!

    About that time, Jax barked and woke me up - thank goodness! [​IMG]
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    That's not strange. [​IMG]
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    Too much BYC before bed. tooooo much. Way too much.
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    [​IMG] I love it when I have crazy dreams, They are fun!
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    does SH konw yet ?
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    [​IMG] Gotta love those weird ones!
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    I don't know what you ate before bed, but take my advice. If it ever offered to you to eat again, RUN!!!!!! LOL!!
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    Quote:[​IMG] Dont tell me you were Napping. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Yep gotta love Grit even if she has crazy dreams. that is what you meant right. [​IMG]

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