exchequer leghorn 11 weeks old, hen or roo?


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Well, I finally got the pics turned the right way up. Have no idea why they were appearing upside down. But I still can't embed the pics into thread.
It looks like a girl to me so far, usually the boys have a lot more comb and wattle by this age.
I sure hope it's a girl. The reason I think it might be a roo is because it keeps fighting with one of my other chicks of about the same age to get to the top of the pecking order (a RIR which I also think might be a roo because it keeps fighting with this xcheq). The RIR and this xcheq are definetly the top 2 of the pecking order of the 5 chicks I have, even higher than one white leghorn chick which is about 14-15 weeks old.

Also that white leghorn chick does not have comb or wattles anywhere near the size of this xcheq,, even though it is about a month older.
OK, I may be changing my mind, the other two pictures are showing up and in some of them it does look like saddle and tail feathers thinking about coming in and it is fairly red. Mine usually have more comb/wattle by this age in a roo, but they may all just be a little slow developing, especially if the white pullet is 15 weeks and doesn't have much either. The behavior doesn't mean roo especially, dominant hens will do it also. RIR tend to be pretty dominant birds and are often the top of the pecking order.
I'd vote roo on the RIR also, it has a lot of development and red for its age for a RIR. The leghorns tend to get such big comb and wattles that a little bit of size doesn't bother me that much as long as they are still pretty yellow. The angle on some of the pictures it has more red and more development than I like to see. With saddle feathers a lot of times if you have the bird there and separate the feathers near the back and base of the tail you can see the really pointy ones coming in fairly early on roos. The sparing in young chicks in my experience isn't necessarily related to male/female so much as dominance, but in your case your dominant breeds are also roos it looks like. I know I have seen young male/females spar each other in sex links, and you can't really get them wrong. When they hit puberty and are actually trying to jump the girls, then it is usually, but not always, the boys fighting.
This exchequer leghorn chick is about 10-12 weeks I think.

So what do you think, a hen or rooster, I really would like to know, but I just can't tell. I've seen so many similar threads and seen so many exchequer chick pics, but I still can't tell.

The 3rd and 4th pics are probably the better ones.

1. http://s5.postimg.org/ijk39j7jb/20130829_193744.jpg

2. http://postimg.org/image/hvb8ql8tf/

3. http://postimg.org/image/qb0t83boj/

4. http://postimg.org/image/k8t6hln8j/
I would say it's a rooster, I can see saddle feathers in the back.
Thx for opinons. I'll update with a few more photos in a couple of weeks or so, and also confirm what it is when I finally know for sure.
You almost definitely have a roo on your hands. The feathers that are starting to turn down near his tail look like the beginning of a saddle, and his comb is pretty well-developed and red. I have two white leghorn pullets that are a month older than yours, but they are JUST NOW getting pink to their combs. So he's a bit early to develop the coloring for a hen. Also considering his waddles are barely there, but already pretty bright red, tells me it's probably a roo.

As for the fighting, you can sometimes judge by that, but not always. I have a large fowl, black and white, ameraucana hen that will constantly try to fight a bantam columbian wyandotte roo. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with size, color, or what, but she doesn't give up her spot in the pecking order. And if he goes too far, she'll win, because she's already much larger than he is!

Definitely keep us up-to-date. As soon as one crows, you'll definitely know!

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