exchequer leghorns?

They are a color variety of the Leghorn breed. Black feathering with each feather having a white tip, resulting in an overall 'chequer' patterning. I have several of them and find them to be like a typical Leghorn. They lay consistently, with nice white eggs and they have a good temperment. They are a bit flighty but if you tame them as chicks they will be very friendly; I have a pullet who is very friendly and will allow me to pick her up and pet her and will follow me around.

You can go to the website for more info on the breed origins. The Leghorn Club Exchequer Info

I have pics of some that I've owned.

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thank u
i think i have one but wasnt sure, shes very friendly, loves to be held, follows me around. 4 months old

I have three. Two roos and a hen. Terrible hatch rate from shippped eggs and that was out of 3 dozen eggs.

I may sell them but have no idea what to ask for them. One pair and an extra roo.

How much are they worth? They look nice to me.

idk how much an adults worth, i got my pullet sent to me at one day old, she costed me $5 just for the chick, if i was to sale hur as an adult id ask $25-$35 because ive never seen any around where i live, but thats just me lol, id sale them for how much ud think u can get. i actully wanna get more pullets later on, love these birds
I would like to know that same thing about the black spots on the legs. My little chick. 4 weeks old, has developed black spots on both legs plus redness around the comb area. I hope shes not sick. They are just so cute! I raised her from 2 days old, she was a runt.

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