Excited to add to our flock! Looking for ideas!


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Apr 23, 2011
Hi! We are a year into having our backyard flock and are looking to add a few new girls this spring. We brood them indoors since we are in MN...brrr. We currently have 3 cochins and 3 silkies (we had 5 originally but ended up with 4 roos so some went to live with a friend who wanted roos - way better than the soup pot). Anyhow, any ideas on breeds that would mix with the docile cochins and silkies? We were thinking easter eggers (maybe to small), Brahmas or Americauna. Any opinions?


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
Really, I think size / age is more significant than breed, especially since there can easily be both docile and aggressive individuals within the same breed. Before a month of age, you should be pretty safe mising most any chicks. After that, it is probably better to wait til they are all adult size, and have had some time to see and hear but not get at each other first.


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Aug 14, 2011
d'uccles are small and so are oegb but it depends on what you are wanting to add as far as size wise. are you looking for bantams or standard, does egg color matter, does the color of the chicken matter, ect?

ee's come in both bantam and standered sizes and lay colorfull eggs and come in a large array of colors
amereicana's would have to be bought from a breeder as all hatchery's americana's are ee's these also come in both bantam and standared but again would have to be bought from a breeder, they lay blue eggs
brahamas come in both bantam and standered and i like the white colubian color, i think their egg color is pinkish
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