Exhausted 8-10 week old, runny poo...PLEASE HELP


9 Years
Oct 10, 2010
I have 5 chickens in my flock, i just recently bought the last two.
a gorgeous white silkie, who is perfectly fine and a creole polish.

i bought the two new ones 2 weeks ago (they are approx 8-12 weeks) and the polish
seems to be sick.

she is lethargic. not walking around
she seems to have SLIGHT balance problems.... nothing drastic, just cant perch as strongly as the others
her stool is pretty watery. looks brown with small grits.
she is laying down a lot with her head on the ground, which worries me, and sometimes keeps her mouth open for extended periods of time. like shes hot.

shes getting enough draft i believe and the weather today and the last 3 days has been great. 70 deg

she seems to be eating enough and drinking

should i be worried about my girl??
Welcome to BYC. Sorry your first post is an emergency.

Yes you should be worried. That behavior is not normal.

You should probably separate into a quiet warm location. It's good that she is eating & drinking.

The balance problem could be a vitamin deficiency. Try adding vitamins & electrolytes to her water. It is available at feed stores. If it doesn't get better check out Marek's, one of its symptoms is paralysis.

Watery stool can be normal, or a sign of drinking a lot, or diarrhea.

Lethargic, laying down, mouth open are all tough symptoms. I believe that at the point that you know the chicken is sick, doing something is better than doing nothing.
I would look at lice/mites, then internal worms, then maybe start antibiotics.

Is vet an option?

Hopefully others with experience will come along with more & better advice.

Good luck,

i am second guessing the amount of draft the coop had. i opened some windows and the front door, while blocking it off with wire...

i gave her some yogurt. electrolytes to come tomorrow...

could this be explained by heat exhaustion, and stress?? she seems slightly better now. but still weak. 3 hrs since the intervention

how long before you would see great behavior from heat exhaustion?

i blocked her off with the other new silkie as they are best friends now and wildly chirp when appart.
I'm in Seattle so I know nothing about heat exhaustion.
It doesn't seem to be a problem unless the heat gets up to about 100*F+.

My only other thought right now is:

Did she have any access to moldy wet food or anything that might have made her sick or poisoned her?

she is acting much better today! it wasnt near 100F but there was closed windows in the new coop..... i since have opened the windows and door and wired them.
she is roosting on her own now and my only problem seems to be the silkie wont roost and is chirping without her friend!

shes prob not 100% but i see improvement


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