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it has been brought to our attention that there is a breed of "chicken" that is technically labeled an "exotic bird" I have been told they are good egg layers, and have a "fluff" or "fountain" look to the feathers on the top of their heads. anyone know the name of this breed, I understand it is a way to get around chicken laws, because of their label as an exotic bird, not a chicken.

we had chickens here at our home but the law was changed, in November, and because we hadn't registerde with the county as an agriculture, or filed a building permit for our coop. we were not allowed to keep them here at our home. we have them about 15 minutes down the road at our other property. We still care for them and getting eggs, 10 a day,

Now that they have been gone for for a while,holidays are over and I am not as busy, I have realized that I SO miss them being here at here at home, coming home from work, sitting on the back porch feeding them some scratch and just enjoying watching them. Our kids miss them too. long story short, I want to "follow the law" but I WANT MY CHICKENS!!!

Help, I am in withdrawl.

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Chickens are not classified as exotics--not even the rare/uncommon "fancy" breeds. They are still chickens under the law. Now you can try to get an exemption by stating that they are pets, and how likely that is will depend on many factors, including the number of birds, opinions of neighbors and city officials involved, etc. Would a fancy appearance make a difference? Maybe. But also maybe not. Good luck.


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Sounds like a crested breed of chicken. Most people think of Polish, but other breeds also include Sultans, Crevecoeurs, and Houdans.

But yes, they're a breed of chicken.
And yes, they're an awesomely ornate breed with a large "crest" over the head.

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