Expecting chicks on the 23rd.


13 Years
Jun 21, 2009
I am turning a page and being hopeful that this shipment will be okay so ....

I am expecting 3 blue Orpingtons, 3 Dominiques, and 6 bantam mottled cochins!

Hoping the weather stays cool and everything will be A okay!

Today is the day. I believe the chicks hatched yesterday and I am anxiously awaiting the call. My pet chicken sent the tracking and they are due to be in my town at Noon. Soon as that package is scanned as delivered, I am out the door!

I cannot wait!!!!


So checking tracking number......No one can tell me if my chicks are here in Jacksonville even though tracking shows they were due at noon today. No call. Called the post master who said she would help since my Sep 03 delivery was a disaster and they were all dead. I had the tracking number then also and they told me no they are not in Jacksonville but early next AM they were suddenly at the post office. The only difference is the outside temperature was near the 100's and now it is in the mid 80's. I used to always receive the chicks the day after they were sent up until my last 3 shipments and now they come on Wednesday. I am not sure what is different but I am kind of mad. The Postmaster said last time they left my chicks at the airport and when I called they said they were held an extra day and no one could answer as to why.

I am sooooo frustrated!

Good luck with your chicks, I hope they arrive safe and sound. It is so frustrating when you don't know what is going on an the Post Office doesn't seem to have a clue. Do you know if your chicks were shipped Priority or Express?

They are here! I got up at 5 am and checked the tracking tossed on some clothes and went to the post office. Called the number and indeed they did have a peeping package for me! 11 of the 12 made it but after that last time when 0 of 12 made it, I am thrilled. I tucked the one that didn't make it in my purse so that my daughter would only see a box of lively sweet fuzzy butts I took pictures with my phone but having difficulty uploading the pictures so I will go get out the Nikon and start snapping away. I am feeding them wet feed with AVC in it - I was going to Ferment it but It will not hurt to give them mash. They LOVE it! dipped all the beaks and they are very happy in the brooder in the laundry room.

Whew! Happy Happy Day!
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Oh my goodness! They are SO adorable! I'm glad they arrived and are are (mostly) healthy.

Thanks for sharing the pics, and your experience. As a newbie, it's good to hear the good and bad. One quick question, if one dies in shipping does it affect the rest in any way?

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