Expecting first egg, hen and I are nervous. Question too - thanks!


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I think the issue is our big RIR, the Kahuna, is going to lay her first egg. She started acting funny yesterday, uncomfortable and distressed. They've been crowding into the 2 nesting boxes on chilly nights, and last evening someone injured the Kahuna's wattle when she tried to get in. Sooo...she spent the night in our bathroom. Brought her out in the morning, everything was fine until DISTRESS! She wanted back in the coop and tried to be comfortable in a nesting box for a while. Nothing happened, then she wanted to be with the gang.

I'm nervous to let her sleep with the gang tonight in case she gets attacked again. She's usually pretty high up in the pecking order, so that's not the norm. But is it worse to keep disrupting her routine? Chicken drama!!!
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My post was murky. Basically, I have two questions: 1) should I let our big girl stay with the others and take her chances or keep her in the bathroom and chance that the others won't attack her? 2) is it normal for the first egg to be so painful?

Thanks, sorry to be such a newbie!
43 views, no advice? Ah, man, it was a rough day, I was looking for some there there, at least! No sage advice from people who've gathered lots of eggs? Okay, we'll bumble along tonight. Fingers crossed there'll be an egg in the morning and everyone will be normal!
wow, sorry you have had no replies, I am new to having chickens so I can't help, just wanted to give your post a bump up and wish you good luck in finding your answers.
I am new to chickens as well. Put I will post to bring ya up


In hopes that you get your first egg
I don't have much experience, but I would say let her stay with the others tonight (as long as there's no open wound from before.) Many of my pullets have acted strangely for the last week or two...don't follow their normal routines. Nothing really strange, just very restless, in and out of boxes, cranky. One or two have started laying, but still waiting on most.

Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in. Good luck with it!
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Glad to know I'm not the only one! The past two days have just been so strange, probably egg related. Never knew chickens could be so dramatic!
First why are they sleeping in the nest boxes?? Don't you have roosts for them?? And to be truthfully honest I've never known any of mine to act any differently when they were about to lay but I've never had just a few as to where is was easy to differentiate between them!! Hope all is well!!

Oh and unless their seriously injured I try not to remove them from the others because once you place them back in there it's like the pecking order starts all over again!! That's what I've found with the few that I had that were ill!!
Oh my hens are spoiled lol Fresh veggies fresh water a awesome looking roo and the best proud Mother_Hen
They seen a GIANT centipede today and tried to eat it and just went BALISTIC when it moved rofl it was hilarious!
They have plenty of roost space, built according to BYC recommendations, but they prefer the nesting boxes because they're warmer. I put them up on the perches several times tonight, but as soon as I closed the door they'd go back to the boxes. I closed off the boxes earlier today but the Big Kahuna felt really weird, and was desperate to get in a box. Once she was in she started shifting around like she was trying to lay, but nothing happened. I hate to close off the boxes in case she really does need to lay an egg.

I seem to remember hearing that the first egg can be uncomfortable. Is that true? She's healthy in every other respect.

Boy, do I feel ignorant! Sure am glad for these forums.

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