expensive eggs!!!


11 Years
May 12, 2008
wow... i was looking around for some really cheap eggs just to try out my incubator in a month or so, and mm hatchery has assorted hatching eggs for $39.30 for 10 = $3.93 per egg, before shipping.... i am on a waiting list for a good breeder's wheaten ameraucanas, they are $36.00 a dozen with shipping = 3.00 per egg. i know that they dont want us to hatch they would rather us buy day old chicks, but thats ridiculous!
Maybe you could find a neighbor with chickens you could get some fertile eggs from. Or ask your feed dealer, if you don't know anybody near you. If you're in a remote area, call a feed dealer in the nearest town, and ask. A small feed store might be more likely to be helpful than one of the bigger places. If you can get in touch with somebody and arrange to pick up eggs when you have to go into town for some reaso anyway, you can save the shipping cost, and probably get some less expensive eggs. I once found a guy to buy duck eggs from, by asking at a feed store, in Renton, WA, just outside of Seattle, of all places.

BTW, refrigerated eggs will often hatch, if they aren't too old. Let them sit at room temp overnight before you put them in the bator.
I have some mutt eggs if you want them. I have welsummers, cuckoo marans, a salmon faverolle, and a production RIR running around together.
Let me know if you want a dozen, will ship to you priority. It doesn't cost much, and I would like to help.


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