Expensive Rooster

Tommy Kelly

8 Years
Apr 5, 2011
I must be crazy. I have 25 rhode island red hens and wanted a purebreed stock. I messed up on my initial order and somehow ended up ordering my straight run chickens in another breed. Buff orphingtons well I have given the buff's away and have gotten 2 rhode island roosters. The first one I found while out on a weekend outing which I was on. So I don't count the trip on this rooster. But then yesterday I found another rooster and went and picked it up. With the trip just for the rooster. The rooster only cost $5.00 but I used $82.00 worth of gas on the trip it was a 325 mile round trip for the rooster. Basically a full day in the truck as I left home at 10:00 in the morning and got back at 6:00 in the afternoon. But now I have a purebread stock which was my initial whishes. Now I'm satisfyed with my chickens. Now if I decide to incubate my eggs. I should get purebread chicks. I may get a few americana's later to add to my flock but the green eggs will be easily seperated from my brown rir eggs. The buff's eggs are the same as the rir for color and size so I can't easily seperate them for purebreeding.
from Ohio Hi, sure wish I knew you & was able to buy one or two of your Buff Orps! That breed is the first to sell out every spring out here:rant!

:thumbsupGood luck with your breeding & chicken ranching!

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