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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by countrygirl74, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I like to spend a little time outside with my ducks every day if possible. I just sit in their pen and let them come to me. They are all between 10-12 weeks old (2 Pekins, 2 Rouens).
    They really seem to enjoy my company. They come over and chew on everything they can - jacket zippers, jeans, gloves, etc. (I am usually bundled up because our high today was 30!) Then they "wag" their tails and go running around in circles. The one male in the bunch (a Rouen) has recently started this thing where he flaps his wings and runs all over the pen and of course gets the 3 girls going as well. Then they'll all go to their drinking water, splash around and then on to the next thing all over again. It's really funny to watch all their little antics.
    Just wondering if some of you who have had a lot of experience with their ducks can tell me a little about different behaviors, what they mean, etc. or share your story about your own little observed behaviors with your special ducks. They have so much personality, especially the Pekins.

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    My runners check me out, too, nibbling at anything that looks like it might come off. I think they are foraging. Once, Zehn grabbed my eyebrow. Hey, looks like a caterpillar, right? They don't do that as much now they're older.

    Running around in circles seems to happen when they are just feeling great, and a little frisky (as in, hey baby, c'mere, I'm feeling frisky). Fresh water in the swim pan seems to encourage that behavior. Maybe because in early spring in temperate areas, snowmelt is an indicator of spring on its way.

    I call the flapping the "I'm okay" wingflap, and it can signify relief (after I have held them to medicate them), victory (after an argument), the coast is clear after a scary noise or encounter, a celebratory gesture after successful mating.

    I am told drakes may do a victory lap around the kiddie pool after hopping off the female.

    My ducks are already starting to feel the mating season hormones, a little bit. Bean (our first, and recently adopted drake) stood on Hazel's back the morning, but that was about it.

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