Experienced My First Chicken Death Today :( Questions!


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Nov 29, 2009
New Hampshire
Hi everone!

I've been very lucky with my chickens...minimum injuries and not a single death. Until today. Today, my first chicken, Daisy, died.
The first death is always the hardest, isn't it? My girls are like my babies! I love them so much. But, I'm really frustrated with my Mom right now...here's the story.

My chicken died while I was at school today. She was a 1 yr old Barred Rock. When my mom went out to collect the eggs this morning, she found Daisy flopped out on her side in the run. Of course, my Mom panicked and immediately called a neighbor over to burry Daisy. She didn't want me to see the dead chicken. This is where I get frustrated. She burried the chicken before I could see it, so, I have absolutely no idea what killed her! Like, no clue at all. I'm totally freaking out because I'm worried about the rest of the flock.

It's been extrememly hot here...so could she have died from the heat? Dehydration definitely did not kill her, I freshened up the flock's water this morning.

Other than the heat, I have no clue what could have happened to her. Oh! We did introduce a new chicken last fall, but she was sperated and deemed disease free. What if a disease killed Daisy? The death was so sudden and unexpected...I just don't know! My parents could really care less...which adds to my frustration. Any suggestions, ideas on the cause of death and just any help in general is greatly appreciated.


P.S. The rest of the flock seems okay right now..but who knows....
Sometimes a chicken will keel over from some internal issue- heart problems, eggbound, ect. Without you being able to examine the body, its very hard to say. I would keep an eye out for predator issues, personally. If it were me, honestly, I would dig up the corpse and check it out. I really hope you can figure it out, and I'm sorry for your loss
good luck!
:cool:Don't get too bent out of shape - death is part of life - every animal or bird living will have to die sometime - just thank God that you had a chicken and enjoyed the time spent with it - someday someone real close to you will die and that's when it is a lot rougher - your mom was only doing what she thought was the best for you - what did she die from - who knows - if it's some kind of sickness that can spread to others you'll find out in short order - let's hope not - but even then - life must go on -
So sorry about your baby!

your mom was probably doing what she thought was best. Don't be too mad at her and maybe explain next time to put her in a cardboard box in the garage or something till you have a chance to see her before she is buried.

Best wishes!!
Thanks for your support everyone! I greatly appreciated it

Um..so update on Daisy. My mom just told me that they did not end up burrying the body, they just chucked it into the woods. Gosh..way to lie to me Mom! I know she was just trying to protect me, but still. Anyways, I just found and checked Daisy out. She looks completely normal, aside from the being dead part. All the color drained from her comb and wattles(as expected). I think she might have just died from the heat? Before I give her a proper burial, I'm going to check her out one more time. What should I look for?

Thanks again!
If you're not into opening her up and taking a look inside, then I would chalk it up to some kind of internal issue and bury her.
I have no help but I just wanted to say sorry. We have lost one baby chick(unknown cause) and one pullet(sadly my 5 yr old did it accidentally) and it was awful both times.
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