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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Roxannemc, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Roxannemc

    Roxannemc Songster

    Mar 30, 2012
    SE Missouri
    Need expert help..
    Had 2 inkys going.
    put new large eggs into my turner where silkie eggs were.
    Other inky had a few silkies also.
    Turner jambs so i put all eggs in cartons in other inky fix turner put silkies back in and just 2 other eggs This was 2 days later.
    Lockdown comes.
    I keep all eggs in for lock that have dates and a few with no date.

    I have 3 different hatches in this lock down 3 days apart.Sat Sunday Monday.
    Ive done this before.
    Long short this is day 22 for last of 3 hatches. No pips nothing on any from Sat Sunday or today...so whats wrong? Dont know..maybe humidity.
    Temps perfect all 21 days.on 2 thermometers.Decide to check air cells for too much humidity too little.2 hygros say 10 percent apart.
    Take out 1 egg that i assumed was due 2 days ago....

    candle...there is a big air cell and movement!. Few veins but no beak into the air cell. put back.
    I take another one out due today..I must have messed up during the turner fiasco as this see lots of veins and dark eye.... egg looks like a day 7 incubated egg!
    Confused put it back to rethink..
    So. Now do i get each out see whats alive.?
    Leave the ones that look hatchable still or right dates but jeapordize the hatch opening another few times..?.
    .take out the ones look too new?
    .leave it all for a few more days dont ness with it at all

    .I swear i candle each on day 17obly kept in Ready go gatch eggs.
    Can you see just a big eye and veins on day 21?I dont think possible
    Anyway im at a loss.
    I love advice usually from anyone but please unless youve hatch for over 2 years. And many eggs please let older hatchers advise.
    Im not a new hatcher at all myself But made this newbie mistake. Getting too old i guess to be organized in hatching.
    Have humidity at 60 to 65..


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