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Is it possible when a thread is locked, an explaination as to why it was locked be given? I find some of them to be so very interesting and going well and bingo, it's locked.

Also some of the folks on this site seem to be very thinned skinned. It takes so little in order for them the start to whine. A good, educational post is locked for hundred of folks to learn from for the feeling of one or two. Is that acting with to much sensitivity for the benefit of a few?

Are we, as a collective body, due the respect of understanding why a post is shut down? Or is it just none of our business?


I think a lot of times when you see a locked thread, you don't see ALL of the comments. The Mods will deleted the offensive comments then lock the thread. So it may look just fine to most of us but we aren't seeing everything that was written.

Also, this is a family friendly site so when there is something posted that could affect the younger generation, the Mods need to step in and help shield them from things they don't need to see.

No trying to offend you, just hoping to help answer your questions.
I have great respect for this site, it's members, and it's moderators. I believe that even if I don't always agree with all of the decisions made, I can at least respect the intentions of the actions taken. I would like to see the mods delete offensive posts and notify the poster of the reason, before locking the whole thread. Maybe the naughty poster can have some time off of posting or even logging in as their warning. I have had posts locked because of other people and it feels strange, even if it was not my fault. Just a suggestion, what do I know..........
I believe it is recommended that if you have any questions as to why a thread was moderated/locked contacting the moderator by PM is the path to take. If this is incorrect, someone please enter the proper information.
Good questions...and good answers in this thread already!

TinyChickenLady was right that, when a thread is closed, you may not see everything that went on in it. Some posts are removed because of their content and archived for Staff reference in case similar problems arise again. If you read through a thread, you may find notes from a moderator in it with warnings; that might give you a clue as to what happened. If we give warnings, and the thread continues in a way that's against the BYC rules, we may make the choice to lock the thread.

sourland is also correct that you can PM a moderator to ask about locked threads. Sometimes, what happened in a thread is private (like an argument between two BYCers), and we might not be able to tell you exactly "who" or "what" even if you ask in a PM. We try to keep private issues private to be fair to those who were involved. A lot of people just have a bad day sometimes, and just want to move on when they make a mistake on the forum -- so it wouldn't be kind for us to spread what happened around the forum via PMs. So you can definitely ask...but we might not be able to tell you.

The Staff makes decisions and discusses problems as a team, so you can PM any of us with a question about a locked thread and we should be able to answer your question if it's possible for us to do so.

In general, if a thread is locked it's probably for one of the following reasons...
- We gave a warning which ended up being ignored (the problem continued).
- A thread was started that was obviously against the BYC rules (a lot of these end up going in the Staff archives and will disappear from the general board).
- We have cleaned up a thread five or six times and the problems are continuing...so we look at the "value" of the thread's content compared to the time and effort we're making to keep it open, and decide if it's valuable to us to keep it open or not.
- We also will lock especially long threads and invite the OP to start a new thread if a thread is getting really, really, REALLY long (this is most likely to happen in Games and other social areas).

I hope this helps!
Not only helps but it answered my question. Like you, I thought all the comments were very much on point. I do thank you for your input and the explanation. Very kind of you. Some folks do seem to get so upset over such small things.

Thanks again.


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