Expressing Gratitude and Giving Props to The BYC Community


5 Years
Mar 20, 2015
I'm starting this thread to publicly thank all of the folks who have come to my rescue; offered advice, support, and shared their experiences and secrets to raising chickens with me and the rest of the BYC community. Your input has been so valuable and I am truly grateful to have found y'all.

I know I can be somewhat long winded and a bit... shall we say, overly analytical(?) but y'all have been patient and kind in taking the time to be helpful to a complete stranger. And I am grateful for it.

So, I am going to tag those of you to whom I am speaking directly and if anyone else feels like thanking or giving kudos to those who have done the same for you, feel free to keep this thread going and pay it forward.

In no particular order:
@carlene lamolin

I know I'm forgetting to tag some folks, so if I forgot to list you, I truly do thank you all. Most especially the endless list of folks who hang out in the YO GEORGAINS! thread!

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Im glad to be able to pay it forward. When I found my first little chick while walking home from work one hot afternoon, I had no idea how to care for him. Had it not been for the kind folk on BYC who were willing to share their expertise with me I would probably have lost the little guy. Chickie turned out to be the best rooster and a great side kick for me too. Thanks to all who helped me learn about chicken care and help foster my addiction!

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