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Mar 11, 2018
I got a coop set up but now I'm trying to figure out an extension with cover. I have a couple left over fence panels for a dog run so I was thinking about using that and just getting the panel with the gate. There is a small gap there, so I'm worried about that. I was thinking about adding chicken wire on the panels at least half way up all around and chicken wire across the top--double if needed.

How do I secure the chicken wire in to metal that would make it more secure and how can I modify the gate so there is no gaps? I plant on burying chicken wire all around to prevent digging and then putting the concrete pavers all around the the coop and extension.

Will this work? I have wildlife in the area but have been successful with keeping everything out except the squirrels, chipmunks and a rabbit once. I have a 6 ft vinyl fence with stone around the whole permitted, which has worked well. All access points under gates are stoned off too. I also have rabbits in hutches out there for about a year. It's like Fort Knox to keep them safe.
That sounds like a good plan. You can secure the chicken wire to the panels and gate to close up the gaps with zip ties. If you wants something even more protective than chicken wire though you could always use hardware cloth. But it's a bit pricier. It's good that your making the run extra protective and predator proof, however, I still recommend locking them up in their coop at night. Good luck with your build. :)
I use kennel panels as well for pens and runs.

I usually put hardware cloth along the inside of the panel. Attached using zip strips.

Have used chicken wire but found hardware cloth easier to work with for me any way.

Usually I cut a piece and place on outside and on inside at gap on bottom of gate.
They will definitely be locked in the coop at night, there is no question about that.

I want to put a small dog house in the extended part and a small baby pool for the ducks. I'm very uneasy about them being out and about when I'm work but that is me being a huge worry wart.
If you wanted to I have one run area like that with chicken wire it's ok. Keeps Ariel predators out and birds in. But after winter it has begun to sag some.
Use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire on the panels. Hog rings are a very good way to secure hardware cloth to another mesh fence like chain link, save zip ties for posts where the hog rings absolutely won't fit.

As far as surrounding the run I find an apron lying on the ground to be much easier to install than digging down to bury the wire. If you apron do not use pavers around on top of the apron as that can cause pests/predators to back up before they try to dig, instead of them trying to dig at the fenceline and being deterred by wire.

The most secure top is a roof. Other alternatives are more hardware cloth, or chicken wire or netting (assuming it's mostly for aerial predators). Without knowing your climate I can't say what might work best for you, as yes, snow build up can be an issue. I have heavy duty bird netting which has a big enough mesh to let snow fall through.
I like the idea of the bird netting, but I have bats in the area and from what I understand this is dangerous for them. Not sure if the way this will be set up would cause the same dangers?
I like a dry run at first I put a galv 2 x 4 fencing over the top supported by 2 x 4 beams covered with a tarp to keep the run dry. This summer we will replace it with tin.

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