External run floor - rubber chips?

Romeo Flahoy

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May 25, 2011
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My outside run is quickly turning into a mud bath so im looking for something to put on floor. Anyone use rubber chips? Are these safe for chickens? I use bark chips on floor of pen with roof but think they would get too wet outside if it rains. What do you use on floor of outside run exposed to elements when grass been eaten? Many thanks.
I seriously would NOT even consider using rubber chips. Aside from the great priciness (remember you will have to add more periodically), chickens will eat them and there are enough nasty things in rubber that I would not imagine it'd be a good idea.

See my 'fixing a muddy run' for discussion of a) moisture control and b) the pros and cons of different things to put in the run.

Good luck, have fun,

I Agree..DON'T use rubber, it will really hurt the birds if they eat it, (and they will eat it!)
I Use SAND ! and LOVE IT !!!!
it drains well and the birds seem to love playing in it. You can also use pea gravel or a combination of BOTH.
I also use sand in the hen house itself. makes for EASY cleaning, and if used in the run, all you have to do is run a rake through to find the clumps, then use a kitty litter scoop and your done...5 min a day is all it takes for my 10x10 run !
I don't think the chicken could even pass rubber...I would reconsider....maybe gravel.
The problem with this, think of all the manure being on it, not easy to scrap or pick thru! Glad you decided to use sand. I'd prefer sand over pea gravel!
I am glad you choose sand, you will wonder what took so long once you get it in there....just warning: if the chicks are use to being on regluar ground, it may take a little time for them to get use to the sand, but after that, they will LOVE you

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