extra Coturnix


9 Years
Aug 5, 2010
my house in maryland
i have put these guys on craigslist and the for sale here on BYC but i thought i'd mention on the forum too that i have 8-9 males that need re homing.Anybody from md. va. or wv interested in having them? new blood ,whatever?
i have not gotten to the point ( cuz i'm a WIMP) where i can process any of my birds and these are from my first babies so.......
yah, i had a neighbor who said he'd do it but now i'm not so sure i want him to. i had a bird last week who had a serious ,irrepairable injury . He told me he'd be quick and humane and took it home with him. i caught him tossing it to his dogs like a biscuit !
it kind of made me sick .
I can understand your attachment to these little guys. I never ate my first babies even my extra males. They were so tame and sweet.

One of mine was attacked by my sister's cat and had to be put down. I cried forever about it. I had to do it myself too, cause no one else would do. I'm too much of a softy to eat any of my quail.

Maybe next time you should ask for the body back so you can give them an honorable burial. That was completely unacceptable for him to feed it to his dogs after all that.
don't have enough space for all these extra males.... stuck between a rock and a hard place here..

that bird was 1 of the 3 birds that i made the mistake of naming....and now the neighbor has "Cass's" feathers all over his back yard .
no i agree NOT quick or humane cuz his dogs played tug with it....NOT a happy person with this neighbor at the moment!
and thank you for the kindness. Maybe if i had someone to show me and i could do it a few times MAYBE i could eventually do it on my own...however, i have never "processed" any living creature in my life and have that "save it ,it's a living thing"mentality so....
i have helped skin and etc deer( but NOT when it still had a head ..and eyes "looking" at you )in the past .But then too i didn't watch them being born.
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I understand how you feel, it was the same for me. I just dont think about it anymore, as soon as I let my imagination get away on me... Its all in my head. I have done chickens and ducks many times now so I dont ever have a problem with any of it now. Maybe you could try just one to start, the one you like the least. Try to imagine that he is going to a better place where he will be happy, and that are gave him a good life and a quick, humane death. After the first one the rest are easier.
Would you be willing to ship them if I paid?

I had a neighbor like that who would let his dog run loose at my chickens.

you should totally call him in for animal cruelty!!!

Are you certain that the quail was alive when he threw it to his dogs or did he put him down first?
hmmm...that would be the Whites ...hahahah ...they all seem obnoxious.and i DO see your point but...it is in my head and just thinking about "doing it" kind of makes my stomach spin..

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