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    Hello! Ok, so I was considering getting a Shetland or Cheviot sheep. When I do, I might have to shear them, any ideas on what to do with the wool? (I don't plan on selling it, I've read up on it and it seems like too confusing of a process.) Also, I don't think I'll end up making something out of it, I'm really bad with knitting etc.. lol!

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    Are you looking at those two just because of their size? In the end you might just want to go with another breed since they still need quite a bit of space to have a small herd of them. Shearing sounded like too much work for me to even try so I started looking up hair sheep. If your heart is set on them maybe try to find a market for the raw wool first. I think people want the spun stuff more but maybe you will get lucky. Try talking to hand spinner/craft-makers.
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    With one sheep its not like you will be getting a ton of wool. I would place the sheered wool into bushes so that birds can pick it for lining their nests. This way it goes for the good of nature.
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    I wanted a mini because I have two mini goats and would like to get them a sheep friend, I'm really leaning on Shetland because the ewes don't have horns typically, and two questions, first, how hard is it to sell wool? Second, are Shetland hair sheep? Thanks!
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    That's actually not a bad idea! Only thing is, I'm leaning on Shetland and they produce 8-10 pounds every shear, and we don't have too many birds here.. I might mix both of your guy's ideas.. Thank you!

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    The pet bedding is actually a good idea! Now that I think about it, I used to sew pillows and dog beds for my cat/dogs. Maybe I should stuff them with wool instead..?
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    If i were you i would get a self shedding breed like dorpers.

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