Extreme cold - suggestions please!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by willowtreecreek, Jan 7, 2010.

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    May 10, 2008
    We are expected to be between zero and 20 over the next few days. I am really worried about my flock. We hardly ever see temps this low and only usually go below freezing just a few times a year so my coops are not well insulated like some up north may be. I have my 4 month olds in the "best" coop and my 20 month olds in the lesser coop but they free range during the day and stay outside most of the time even when it's supper cold. I have tried to cover the major drafts by stapling tarps around the outside. I have added lots of fresh staw and pine shavings and have heat lamps in both coops. I am trying to give them warm water but I work during the day so they only get it at 6 am and 4 pm. I am giving extra scratch which has cracked corn in it and I have put out an extra feeder for the non free range ones. What se can I due to protect my birds over the next few days? I really don't want to lose any.
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    You are doing everything that I am doing, and it is much colder here in Iowa. If your chickens are healthy, they will withstand the cold snap with everything you are doing. You might consider an electrically heated water bowl if the cold continues. Will make your life much easier.
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    This is about an hour ago... when it was only -15 (below zero) They're inside, it's dry, there is a lamp with a 100 watt bulb - a little ventilation... I close the pop door when it gets this cold, but otherwise, not much else.

    Honestly, it's okay - they will be fine if they are inside - sounds like you have prepped things really well - they'll snuggle in together, and keep in mind that they have really great big fluffy feather coats.
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    Listened to the weatherman just a couple minutes ago. It's supposed to get to between -25 and -30 here tonight. Mine are in an unheated coop, and have been all winter. They get warm water twice a day, and plenty of feed. I do add some fat to some warm mash each day, and they are doing just fine. Only one has a frozen comb so far. High tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy -10.
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    We got an arkansas thread going about it: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=282729
    also a discussion for LA and TX too! We're all getting slammed with this cold!!

    Sounds like you are doing well!
    It was 20*F in my coop at 10pm, which is nothing for well-feathered birds who are out of the wind.
    I put up a tarp on the north side of my open air coop, it has a west wall already and they said N/NW winds. They have a 75watt red floodlight, although it doesn't add THAT much heat I hope it makes things a bit more comfortable. Everyone seems fine. My roo is showing the slightest signs of frostbite on the very tips of his comb, but they are all fluffed up on the roost acting pretty comfortable.
    My babies have a much tighter coop, but they don't have much down insulation because they are mini-molting and still growing feathers so they have a 75watter too. Both coops have a heated dog bowl to provide constant liquid water, and I just bust out the other yard bucket in the morning.

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