Extreme Prolapse...please help!

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    Apr 24, 2008
    I have a barred rock hen that is about 1-2 years old who has an extreme vent prolapse. It is the size of a small fist and consists of 3 distinct tube like canals. She keeps straining to try to push something out. I cleaned the area off with some sterile water wash I had, then a little peroxide for all the dirt and poop stuck to her, and then with water again. I put her in a cage by herself with water with antibiotics in it and a dish of food. I have been online reading all the advise in this forum and plan to try honey or prep H in the morning if she is still ok. The cage she is in is out in the coop. I cannot bring her into the house due to my husbands allergies. I may try to get a heat lamp on her tomorrow...or should I do a warm bath? How do I know if she has an egg in there or is straining for some other reason....she appears to have some diarrhea. I feed my birds layer pellets (always available), fresh water, and lots and lots of fresh produce (tomatoes, watermelon, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers, apples, and whatever else I can get from the produce stand). I also crush and feed their shells back to them for calcium and have had all good, nicely formed eggs so far. I would appreicate any input on any of the above. Her poor bottom looks terrible. The tissue hanging out is very reddish purple..like many of the pictures in the forum. The more I touched it to clean it, the more she pushed and strained. I'll be checking my email quickly in the morning to see if there is any advise first, and then going out to see her with honey and/or prep H. Thanks!
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    Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide... wash / flush with sterile saline solution and lubricate with KYgelly. If you have any witchhazel (or can get soem) use that to deal with inflammation
    You can give a crushed TUM (an emergency substitute for calcium gluconate which the vet uses in prolapse/eggbound) do not use sugar direct on the tissues but you can use a dextrose tab (they have in candy squares at most stores) dissolved in sterile water and spray that on tissues also for the inflammation (the plain table sugar will bURN and cause pain)
    Main thing is to get that egg laid.

    Warmth is crucial for dealing with prolapse/eggbound...she should be in a warm bath and afterwards on a warm most towel until the egg has been laid. Can you not do this in the bathroom and then clean all afterwards ? (Be sure to dry her afterwards>use a hairdryer while whe is in a cardboard box on a nice warm towel)
    I would suggest (due to your husbands allergies) that you put her in a dog carrier lined with cardboard (the cardboard is very insulating and will help retain the heat from the bird) if you can instead of the cage... this will keep drafts off her.
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    After you clean and lubricate the prolapse, you have to put it back inside the hen. From reading your post, you didn't mention that. They longer is stays out, the drier it will get and more swollen. It will not go back in by itself!

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