Extremely aggressive behavior from alpha


May 8, 2012
Spring Hill, TN
So my three hens have been doing just fine until this morning. I have a black a brown and a white. Black is the alpha of the group. So far just normal pecking order stuff.

But today I went out there and white and brown are trying to lay eggs. White is in the nesting box all ready to go but the black was standing over her pecking relentlessly and digging claws and just being totally aggressive. The brown was sitting next to the nesting box getting ready to lay and then black went after her as well. White now has a bloody wound on her comb.

What to do?


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May 8, 2012
Unless you want to have chicks.....I would get him out of there. I had the same problem with two on the roosters. I am letting them roam freely and so far I have no problems in the coop since I let them out. The hens will still lay even if there are no roosters.

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Try putting her into seclusion for a week to ten days. Sometimes this takes the starch out of the overbearing alpha hen. When she's re-introduced, she will sometimes be much more mellow. Sometimes not. If you find this works, great. If not, it sometimes requires more drastic measures. I personally dislike over bearing hens. Of course, in most cases, a rooster would keep peace, but alas, not everyone can keep a rooster.

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