Extremely Muddy Coop

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    Ok so my run is reallyyy muddy that's all I need to say.... I mean I dug this hole in the run so I could use some dirt in a frame for like ya ok...anyways it just fills with water... a lot of water.... And so you can;t really go in the coop without sinking a little and then slipping... sooo I don't know if it's going to try until this weekend or maybe even later? Plus I really can't get out there to do anything until this weekend. Theres some soggy straw in there, but shoudl I get sand? How much? What kind is good for chickens? What about DE? Ugh.... I just don't know what to do. Will they be ok untill I can get out there? I'm jsut afraid of Cossidiosis? Any suggestions will help, also feel free to post pictures of your own soggy run! Haha! Thanks in advance!
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    there's an excellent article about drainage somewhere on this site that gives great information. you have to figure a way to drain excess moisture to keep your flock healthy. The coup roof doesn't drain onto the run does it? If it does the gutter it to drain water away. french drains may also help to get water out of your run. maybe you should cover part of your run and make sure the roof run off does not go into your run. Maybe you could put a few old pallets down, so the birds can get out of the wet! Good luck!
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    Sand is the answer search sand in run on this site. I just got done putting 3 to 4 inches of sand in my muddy stinky run..the difference is like night and day. no more stench and the sand will drain the water in heavy rains. We have had a wet nasty late winter here in St Louis and straw just didn't do the trick. Good Luck

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