EXTREMELY submissive hen

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  1. Groceryjunkie

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    My buff orpington that I rescued from another backyard because she was getting picked on, re-grew most of her feathers and is now getting picked(pecked) on again! I watch her as much as I can and she is extremely submissive with any Roo's, all they have to do is come near her and she "squats" down in preparation to be mounted.
    She doesent have a lot of feathers left on her wings and theres even raw flesh where she has been pecked and mated. There are no feathers on here head and she looks awful.
    I'm afraid if I quarantine her, then once I let her back out it will start over again or should she just be STEW!
  2. Groceryjunkie

    Groceryjunkie Out Of The Brooder

    Can anybody help me on this?????
  3. klmclain1

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Do a search on here for "saddles" and see if you think putting one on her will help! Good luck!

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