Eye injury, what are the options?

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    Two weeks ago we got some chicks at TSC. When we got them into the brooder we noticed the light brahma had what looked like a pecking injury to its eye. It was swollen and a little bloody. Over the last two weeks we've been treating the eye with antibiotics (neosporin and arethromycin at different times), it was helping until the chick scratched it's eye and caused more damage. The past few days it had what looked like a blister or ulcer over the cornea. Tonight it was screaming and its eye was bloody again. It must have scratched and dislodged the blister/ulcer. I found the fragment of its eye stuck in its down. I do believe the bird is blind in that eye, and has been since I've had it. I think it's too small to try to remove the eye. The whole side of the chicks head is swollen and I believe it's battling a minor infection. What can I do to help this bird heal? I'm aware it'll never be normal but it can be functional with one eye.
    Here are some pics of the little one after it dislodged the ulcer.
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    Since the chick has reinjured herself and infection has set in, there will be ongoing problems. Not to mention other birds pecking at the eye, possibly picking up bacterial infection. This is a quality of life issue. I recommend you cull her.

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