Eye mites


Jul 6, 2016
My chicken hasn't been feeling well for around 2 weeks and I JUST noticed she has little mites all over her eyes. I posted a couple times about a possible respiratory infection and I've been giving her antibiotics this whole time like an idiot, not noticing her eyes up close. I bathed her body with soap, and rinsed her head off and put olive oil on her eyes and face. She's drying as I'm typing this. She's taking short small steps to walk around but I feel like she can see a little better. What should I do now? Thanks
No, not in the eyes. You can do what I did and put 5 drops of ivermectin pour on directly to the skin. The eggs must be thrown out for 10 days in my opinion. Pull her feathers gently back to expose the skin and drop it on. Also you need to thoroughly clean the chickens residence and also treat the whole flock.
Mites are horrible but treatable.
Okay so it works like cat and dog flea meds? Like you can put it on one place of the body and it works for the entire body? If that makes sense. I can get some permethrin tomorrow
Yep. Try to find ivermectin pour on. Permethrin fly spray might work too but I just haven't tried it so I cant speak for effectiveness. Your chicken will be better soon!! Please post pictures?

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