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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by jbugw, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. jbugw

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    Aug 8, 2014
    What am I suppose to do? I have a year old female who was attacked by 2 of our geese. 1 eye is popped out of socket- bug eyed. Its covered in blood and was dripping a little. She was a little shocked and had a bit of trouble getting up but after about a minute she is walking normally. However she can't see out of the eye. As far as I can tell its still there just coated in blood and popped out of socket. What am I suppose to do for her? I will separate her from the other ducks- we have 3 drakes in loose. I have a pen that currently has 1 drake with 2 girls, do you think she will be ok in there or do I need to separate her completely from all drakes? I don't have anything currently set up that would allow for that but I could figure something out.
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    Aug 7, 2015
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    Poor baby. Separate her from everyone. Birds are attracted to the color red and the others might try picking at her eye. I have no advice on treating the eye. If it were me I would take her to a vet. Hope it all works out okay for her.
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    Best thing to do is get her in a sterile environment. I would take her inside and let her relax for a little before doing anything after that. Just make sure the bleeding has stopped. Once she has calmed down from being taken inside run a luke warm bath for her so she might be able to get it as clean as she can first. Then once that is done observe the eye, clean if need be, but be careful.

    Vetericyn does have eye wash for livestock and it is ok to use for ducks, i would go and buy that .

    As of fixing the eye, i don't know what could be done for that. Just make sure she is in a sterile environment with a wound like that until it heals.

    The best thing to do overall is to get her to a vet, i realize that this action is not suited best for all people, but it really is this best thing to do.
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    I agree with buff goose guy - a good vet is best, but keeping her as clean as possible, away from flies and right now from other animals is a good start.

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