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Jul 19, 2016
Ok, so I am pretty new to owning chickens and did not know all the biosecurity issues. Saturday, I bought chicks from a local breeder. I bought older chicks to try for females and did not inspect them closely. One chick has a watery eye. She seemed otherwise ok. I separated her from the others and set up a quarantine pen for them. None have been introduced to my flock. I did research on her eye and thought maybe she has Mycoplasma. I contacted the breeder and he said they have not had any issues. All the chickens I saw appeared healthy. I am treating all the chicks with Oxytetracycline. I started on Sunday. Her eye still seems watery and irritated, but not any worse. She had one watery stool today. All other stools appear normal. Her breathing sounds normal and I observed one sneeze yesterday. I would appreciate suggestions and advice on treatment. Thanks.
Welcome to BYC. Hopefully they don't have a respiratory disease, but those can be from bacteria, viruses, or from fungus (mold.) Occasional sneezing from dust in the bedding or feed can be normal. Many eye problems can be related to pecking or high ammonia levels in the coop. Here is a good link to read about the common respiratory diseases such as mycoplasma, coryza, infectious bronchitis, ILT, and aspergillosis: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ps044

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