Eye sight


9 Years
May 22, 2010
What kind of eye sight does a turkey have? If I don't drop the treat right in front of Jack he won't see it. I will put my hand out and slowly let the treats/food drop right in front of him and sometimes he sees it sometimes he doesn't. Just came back from giving everyone mealworms. Jack is all by himself so there is no distraction. I held out the worms dropped them he bent over ate two looked around and walked away, there were still plenty on the ground. I put some in his dish and he just looked at them well I think he looked at them. It can't be that he's not hungry aren't they always hungry. Sometimes I go out later and they'll be gone sometimes they are still there. If I put them in his dish later when I come out with his corn/tomatoes and put that in his dish he rushes as if he's starving then will eat everything.
Turkeys usually haver great vision, tom's sometimes cannot see close in front of themselves due to the forehead growth. out tom does similar, and his snood also gets in the way of eating. when we go away and he quits displaying, i think his snood ... well... retreats, and he can eat better. i have had better lick with torn strips of bread about 1/2 inch wide and about 2 inches long. he can grab those easier

I was chasing a hen turkey today to take a look at something she had and she was looking back at me without hardly turning her head. They have great peripheral vision !

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