Eye swollen shut

Aji Dulce

10 Years
Jun 30, 2013
Wake Forest NC
I have a hen with one eye shut. She is eating and otherwise acting normal but staying on the fringe of the flock. I want to apply an antibiotic to see if that helps. Can I use a triple antibiotic ointment, or do I need to get one specifically for the eye?
Terramycin Eye ointment from the feed store is good, but I have used plain Neosporin/Triple Antibiotic Ointment in an emergency. My vet prescribed a small tube of Neosporin eye ointment ($30) for my dog, and after it ran out, I used plain topical Neosporin ($1-3) without a problem. On humans, I would always recommend an eye ointment though. Can you look inside the eye for any bubbles, gunk, a foreign body, or a feather?

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