Eye ulcer treatment - questions...


May 23, 2019
Curious if anyone has ever treated their chicken for an eye ulcer?

If so, did they keep their eye closed for a bit of that treatment? How long to open if they did? And if resolved, how long did treatment take?

She started closing eye a week ago yesterday, after observing her dust bathing that the day. Assumed something got in it. I started terramycin the next morning and brought her to the vet on Thursday.

Vet is thinking possible foreign body (initially) or a peck from one of the other girls caused it ‍♀️. Completely healthy otherwise. Didn't see any obvious foreign body, flushed eye, saw small white dot on eye and is treating for the start of a ulcer. A couple days later and she still has her eye shut, not sure if this is part of the healing process??

Treating with daily eye flush, oral Doxycycline and Gentamicin Opthalmic Drops BID. She's spending most of her time on the outside roost - I've seen her go to the food and water but not like usual. I think she's staying high to protect herself from the others being jerks to her with only one eye to work with. I took her inside last night as her crop felt empty and gave her some TLC and food. She'll gobble it up if you offer it to her. I'm also thinking the oral Doxy might be tough on her tummy.

Any input is appreciated...
It is good that you have vet care. My dog recently had a scratched cornea, and my vet prescribed Neosporin Ophthalmic Ointment twice a day. Hopefully, your chicken will get better soon. How is the ventilation in your coop? Ammonia odor is one cause of eye ulcers in chickens, but a peck or foreign body might be possible.
We have a large window that's open 24/7 and a smaller one as well that's always open w two smaller vents at top ends of coop. I'm pretty sure she was pecked - we lost a bird a couple weeks ago and the pecking order is weird now. I've seen a few of the girls go after her. Her and my EE are at the bottom at this point

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