Jun 13, 2016
We hatched about 10 eggs so far(mostly all hatched naturally without help)! We had an egg that had a small crack but the crack was not getting bigger after a few days and this particular baby chick was way behind the others on hatching!
We decided to help the baby out(thinking it could have passed away due to timing)!
We did not break the membrane since we didn't want to damage anything if there was a baby inside! We took half the shell off but stopped once we heard and saw a little beak! The baby was pushing but was stuck! We had the eggs outside with the mom but a unexpected heat wave came and it was WAY TO HOT for the eggs!!! So we moved them into a incubator with water for humidity! The baby was stuck due to the membrane/egg being too hard! We helped again but stopped after we saw a small amount of blood. We left the baby for around a day to try to let it hatch by itself! No luck! The baby wanted to get out so bad but just didn't have the strength. So again, we peeled the egg off just a little bit but not the membrane! Finally the baby hatched! But after around 12 hours the.....
•umbilical cord has not detached
•eyes only opened once during the beginning of hatching but not at all since
•seems active
•pushes herself all over around but does not stand
•still wet
•little feet will not open(looks like club feet)
•chirps loud
•seems like she had more blood on the egg than other eggs

Could she just be premature because of helping her too much?!
Or am I just being a paranoid mom!?
Or something else?!
Please! Any thoughts or suggestions!
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Apr 17, 2015
Long Beach, WA
It can take hours for chicks to fully uncurl. Be patient. I've had chicks that took almost 24 hours to start to be more like chicks that you get from the feed store. If she's still wet looking, get a dry paper towel and gently hold her in it and rub softly. She should start to fluff in seconds. Remember, she has just been through a very difficult hatching. She is exhausted. She may not have the strength right now to stand properly. And it could be days before she gains control of her feet.

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