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*This is a WWII RP*
*Please note that russian women did fight in WWII*

You are sitting at home reading the newspaper one day in 1941. You hear a knock on the door, which is probably just the mailman as he usually delivers your mail about this time of day. You quickly finnish reading the column about the Germans attacking Russia then you go get the mail. nothing much today, but whats this? a little yellow slip? Hmmm, you take a look at it right away. "Huh?" You think to yourself. The little yellow slip says your being drafted and must be at the local recruitment office immediatly. "Me? Go to war?" you ask yourself.

Well, because you don't have much choice, you walk to the local recruitment office in your town. You walk into the building and hand the yellow slip to the officer at the front desk.
"Right this way." he says while getting and pointing to what looks to be an old gym. You walk in and is confronted by a man with a rifle.
"Go to the left corner of the gym to receive your uniform."
You go over there and there is a short line. you wait in line until your turn. when you reach the desk iin the corner, the man at the desk askes your size. You tell him and he gets up and hands you a olive green uniform and a small green hat with a red star on the front.
"Get changed and head to the armory" he says while pointing to the other corner of the gym.

After you change, as the man said, you go over to the armory where is another line. When you reach the start of the line, a man hands you a bolt-action rifle and takes you outside where targets are set up. he tells you to shoot the first target. You missed the bulls eye by 5 inches! The man writes something down and hands you a submachine gun. he tells you to shoot the second target. You press the trigger and the gun sprays bullets everywhere! the man writes something else down and guides you to some hay bales stacked up with some targets not too far away. On top of the hay bsales is a machine gun. The man tells you to try and shoot all three targets in 5 seconds. He takes out a stop watch and says "Ready? GO!"
you manage to hit 2 targets in 5 seconds. the man writes one last thing and takes you inside. He hands the piece of paper he was writing on to another man at another desk then leaves. The man at the desk reads the paper, thinks for a minute, then goes into a room and comes back out with a rifle and a few other things. He gives you the rifle and tells you its a Mosin Nagant. Then he gives you 3 grenades and a smoke grenade, lastly, he give you a shovel and a bayonet. He then tells you to go the truck out back.You just barely get to sit down when the Truck starts moving. In the truck, there are many other people that also got drafted.

fill out and post this if you want to join:

Short backstory (optional):
Anything else you want to add:

you can have up to 2 characters, only one can die. No killing each other! all BYC rules apply. If your character doesn't follow orders, he will be shot (the Russians really did that), if you don't know any russian names, just use anything for your charcter, and try to be realistic. if you must, do a little research.

my Charcter:

name: Eric Johnson
gender: male
shory backstory (optional): N/A
Appearance: Tall blonde haired young man.
anything else you want to add: N/A

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Name: Miroslav Bykovsky (Miro)
Gender: Male
Short backstory (optional): He won't say anything about it.
Appearance: A young man of average height; his eyes a piercing blue, his skin a flawless pale, and his hair a light golden blonde.
Anything else you want to add: Though not muscular or intimadating or anything, Miro is fairly sturdy and does not like to give up. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, however, and can be a bit vain at times.
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[yay! finally someone signs on! unless someone else doesn't sign on in a few minutes, i'll continue the story further more]


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