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    Recently, since starting our rabbitry, I have been friending other rabbitries and people the raise them for fun. One of the gals at Little Angles Farms, a rabbitry, posted that she picked up a Polish rooster at the farmer market today and is looking forward to getting more chickens this weekend.

    I told her about BYC. She used to be a member years ago!!!! VERY small world.

    On another note about this green marble we live on being small indeed, a Chinese couple came into my office today for a disabled ID card. They live in our old house.
  2. Small world, isn't it?
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    It really is. I read an article today about a guy that took a bus from Washington DC to Anartica. He traveled 10,000 miles and spent $1,000. He said that looking back he wishes he still believed this planet was large.
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    Quote:Tell him to walk it.
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    My husband was adopted... He was born in Alberta and was raised in rural Ontario.

    FF>>37 years... I start working in a nursing home and one of my co-workers askes me if I know Steve.. I reply nope...

    just to find out that Steve is my husbands cousin that he never knew because the family was split because of a death 30+ years ago.....

    Back to the adoption part.. we met the bio family and had been in contact bal bla bla.. We had a wedding to go to in Alberta a few years ago (hubbys high school friend was tying the knot) and after the wedding we go to parents of the groom and we are sitting in the yard when my husbands bio-brother pulls up to the house across the road... his girlfriend our now sister in law lived across the street from his high school buddy's parents place.
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