failure to thrive chick


14 Years
Oct 8, 2009
northeast corner al
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i hatched out 13 chicks and 2 duckling at the end of february. 2 duckling and 11 of the chicks are growing like weeds. one of the other chicks has a constantly pasty butt and a blk looking abdomen with what looks like a belly button. it is slightly smaller than the rest. the other chick is 3x as small as the other 11, has a constantly pasty butt, and when it poops, it looks like it is straining, then it makes this weird noise. it is eating and drinking when not doing all of the above, it stands under the light with its eyes shut. when the rest of the chicks lay down for a nap, it will just lean over on them and stick its butt up in the air. i am pretty sure that this chick hatch out of a cracked egg. is that what is effecting it. is it a failure to thrive case or is the chick sick?
Based on my experience, it is a failure to thrive. If it did hatch from a cracked egg, it could have absorbed some bacteria during incubation. I advise putting the chick down. You and your flock will be better for it. In all likelihood, it will either stay sick, die later, or potentially be killed by it's broodmates for being so weak.

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