Failure to Thrive????


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10 Years
May 28, 2009
Hi, I have a bunch of Silkies that hatched in the past couple days and one of my silkie chicks is now laying limp and has labored breathing, and its eyes are closed. It is opening/closing its mouth too. Is this failure to thrive? Is there anything that can be done??
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Could be a respiratory infection and antibiotics will be necessary. Have a chat with your vet. re antibiotic type and dose,
Good luck,
Have you made sure she doesn't have pasty butt? I had a chick looking very weak and sick, and my son said "Eeeewww she has poop on her". Sure enough, I checked and her vent was completely plugged up. I soaked her butt in warm water and removed the dried poop and she let out a HUGE disgusting poop on my hand. I was never so happy to be pooped on...LOL. She perked up after that and began eating...the next day I couldn't even tell she was sick.
thanks- thought of pasty butt and its butt looks fine. I really thought it was going to die and so i put in a separate box from the other chicks, so they wouldn't trample on it, etc. Then she/he seemed to perk up when I checked 30 mins later, but still would not open its eyes. Then my husband said when he was in there, the chick pooped. So I hope it pulls through, but if not I hope it dies sooner than later b/c I don't want it to suffer.

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