Fair price for my flock?


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Feb 18, 2016
I've got a flock of 15 welsh harlequins that I bought with the best of intentions back in March (They'll be 20 weeks old this week). I've got 4 drakes and 11 hens. They're all in great health, and just gorgeous. And should start laying any day!!!

BUT, life happens, and we're moving to Memphis. We've got our dream house in the old part of town, and it looks like poultry are allowed, but there's just too many moving parts to try and take the birds with me. I will likely try get a flock going there next spring after we move in and get things set up for them.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on pricing them? We're going to list the Texas house with the pen and the and the birds on the property, but with the caveat that if the buyers don't want them, we can remove. What would a fair price be to post at the local tractor supply, or craigslist? I would also include all the feeders, pond, and the 12x12 pen itself, but looking to price them just for the birds themselves.

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