Fair Turkey


8 Years
May 29, 2011
We are raising our first turkey for a july fair...I believe he was born 2/16/11 he weighs in around 22 lbs. Yesterday morning we went out to feed him and he couldnt not walk. We can get him up and he can stand on his own for a little while but cant move is legs to walk. Any help would be great!!
He may be too big.. best bet would be to just slaughter him now, ending the suffering.. sometimes the breast gets so big that they either lean forward to much and fall or their legs are so small that they cant hold up their growing body! kinda of like Cornish X or any other meat bird that grows rapidly in a short time!.. hope this helps
Thank you for getting back to me!! I thought it may have something to do with him growing so fast!!
I have a fair turkey as well hatched in July... they are now around 32 pounds. I'm not having any issue with them having a hard time walking so I cant imagine that is your problem.

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