Fairly new to chickens!

Anika Wood

Jul 22, 2021
(1/2) I’m fairly new to chickens, having owned a flock of 7 for just over two years now! I have different age groups. Four two (ish) year olds, two one (ish) year olds, and my newest single baby that hatched on may 14th! (Only surviving egg in a batch of three)

(3) My oldest hens are a White Sussex, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and a Black Star. My one year olds are a black silkie hen and black silkie rooster, and my youngest is a silkie chick that was hatched at home!

(4) I love seeing the varying personalities of all of the chickens I get. I also love that my Rhode Island Red is super cuddly!

(5) I’m an artist with a love for birds. I often use them for inspiration!

(6) I have a peach faced lovebird along with my chickens. They get along surprisingly well! I also own two cats, a dog, a couple fish, and I have a small group of crows that consistently visit my yard and protect my chickens from predators!

(7) I’ve used BYC a few times to quickly find solutions to some problems in my flock but I never really made an account! I figured it was about time :)

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