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    Does an open class at a state fair mean anyone can enter birds? Not someone who is under 18 and/or 4H?

    I ask because apparently the poultry show at my local fair, da Escanaba State Fair, eh, is actually APA sanctioned. Which made me go, whoa! I can show some Araucanas at an APA show that is right here in town? SIGN ME UP! Do I need to become a member of the APA first, though?

    The 2013 Premium Book is available to read with the info from the previous fair. Other than the dates changing, most of the information should be the same. The open show is mentioned on page 36.

    I know it is a little early, considering it is January. But it would be nice to plan for if indeed I can enter some birds!

    Anyone have some fair/poultry show 101 etiquette? Tips for newbies? When it says the superintendent and his/her assistant handle the birds, does that extend to cage cleaning. I always thought exhibitors cleaned up their birds' cages. Or am I wrong about that? I guess whenever I was a spectator looking around the poultry barn, there were 4Hers everywhere. I always thought they were cleaning/tending their birds/etc.

    I do intend to pose all these questions to someone who works at the fair, likely getting in contact with the person who coordinates the poultry side of things. I'll have to word them a little more formally, I think!
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