Fake eggs-wooden ones

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    I found these wooden eggs in the toy section of Target in their 'cooking toys' area. I thought they'd be great Dummy Eggs for my nests. They were only about $6 for a 'carton' of 6 eggs.

    The real egg is on the left, and the fake one is on the right. I told my husband 'CATCH", and he was surprised and relieved that it didn't break in his hands. I told him to trust me.... [​IMG]

    My son had a blast 'cooking eggs' with these fake wooden eggs. I told him he couldn't eat them because they were made in China.... [​IMG]

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    Cracker Barrel sales them to for .99 a piece. Trust me they work for the nest. I only bought 1 like a fool and all the hens want to lay in that nest with the wooden egg. They are so funny. They all "stand in line" [​IMG]
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    I bought some form McMurry and my chickens keep pushing them out of the coop. I think they are smarter than I give them credit for.
    Anyone else ever have this happen?

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    Quote:[​IMG] I was just going to post about this. We keep finding the wooden egg on the floor of the pen. But my mom picked it up this morning and put it under on of our hens that had just laid and the hen tucked it under her bum! I am really curious why the egg is always getting kicked out of the nest.
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