Falconer, new to my Chicken Flock!


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Apr 23, 2014
Hi there! I'm a Falconer.... and my Fiancee and I have decided to have chicks!
I love the idea of sustainability and sweetness all in one coop.

Glad to be here and please always feel free to ask me anything about raptors, and I will come to you for my new chickens. LOVE the site's lay-out and mobile optimization.

I am going through a really hard time in my life now, started chemo this week and I reallllllyyyyyy appreciate that I can roll over; log on this forum via my tablet without too much hand pain etc.... great work all of you!

Here's to the future!

PS- Here is our rather tragic beginning; https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/880700/newbie-loss-so-sad#post_13391115

Hope to get to know lots of you awesome peeps!

Dende, Brahma

New Baby Bantams

Dende looking smug for his ability to fly up to the edge!

RIP Gertie (Above, Austra)

Tummy Snuggles

(First flock, RIP except 1 remains, Dende)

My Male Harris Hawk, Squeaky.


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Mar 19, 2014
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Good luck with your poultry raising adventures, and I hope you find everything you need to know. Don't forget to take a look at BYC's very useful learning center (If you haven't already)! The learning center as well as the forum should answer your questions! There is always something new to learn! Glad to have you here! See you around with the flock.
I'm sorry to hear about your losses!


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to BYC!

Oh a falconer!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! But sadly, my path never lead me this way. I just love those birds of prey!

You have an adorable flock!!! If you need any tips and hints on raising your new brood, stop by our learning center for lots of great articles on all the aspects of keeping poultry...


Make yourself at home here on BYC. And enjoy your entire flock, including your gorgeous hawks!!!


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Feb 18, 2011
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! What a nice little flock! Your little black and white bantam looks like a Silver Sebright. Squeaky is absolutely gorgeous, they are fascinating birds, even if they like our chickens a little too much :). X3 on the BYC Learning Center, lots of nice articles you might find useful... and it is always fun to check out your state thread for chicken keeping neighbors, https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/48/oregon
Good luck with your treatment, hope you get back to good health and feeling better soon, BYC should be a nice place to visit.
Just read your other thread, so sorry about the chicks you lost, did you ever figure out what was going on? Keep a close eye on your new babies if you combined them.
Are hawks able to get any of the diseases that affect chickens?


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Jun 28, 2011
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Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Sorry to hear about the losses and having to undergo chemo
Hope all goes well for you with the treatment and the chicks!

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