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6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
A few years ago I started a routine of adding new pens in the Fall. The addition is always large pens, several stalls of 8'L, 4'W, 8'H. And the fall is a perfect timing for some outdoor work. The project below started last Sun. I have another part-time work on Sat and Sun so I work on this as time allows.

Here is the pix of last weekend progress. Sat was for material purchase. Then on Sun evening, the real work began.

Sunday Sept 15 at 5:30pm


At 6pm


By 7:30pm

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Can't wait to see how this progresses. So far, you're building what I've been designing for my future pen.m. How long is it? What will you use it for? Where are you? TELL ME NOW! Hehe. Good luck and keep us posted!
This is a 4 stall project with each stall being 8'L x 4'W x 8'H. Between the stalls are 3 narrow strips of 2'W (still 8'L and 8'H). When I started my yard, I bought so many metal individual coops of 3'x3'x3'. This is ok for penning a bird. Now I take time to build large pens so they can run and even jump to their roost. A few key concepts I use for my yard are:

1. It is ok for keeping them in a small pen, as long as they are rotated between pens and rotates from small pen to large pen fairly often.
2. Adding a narrow strip between 2 pens allowing me to make 3 more pens to keep hen or babies. With these hens and babies right next to them, the roosters will extremely active while in the pen.
3. Having a large pen (like the one I build) next to some small pens will provide shade and wind blocker similar to a tree (but I don't have to wait 5 yrs for the shade to get big)
4. With a series of cages built together, not only I can save materials (as compared to building 1 by 1) , but also a huge heavy cage can withstand strong wind better.
5. Large pen is excellent for breeding 1 rooster with sevral hens; or just to pen several youngster together.

When I have time, I will post some other completed projects of previous years.

PS: I am near Austin. Have you started yours yet? A tip here: don't buy the welded wire from Home Depot as they are not strong enough and will break very soon. Go to some fencing yard and buy a heavier gauge, it will cost a little more but last forever.
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Thanks so much! I'm in San Antonio, so I agree with you about the fall being a good time for building projects. my coop is still a "future" project, as my yard is only big enough for what I have: 20 ft run with a 4x3 coop big enough for 3-6 birds.
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